Cities - sightseeing

Lisbon (95 km): capital and metropolis. You will find quaint, small and winding streets, but also broad shopping avenues, squares and fountains.

Porto (210 km): Historic town on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This town is closely associated with the Portuguese overseas expansion. You will walk through history that changed the world.

Coimbra (115 km): university city. You can follow different routes to the existing heritage, by the Upper Town (Alta) and the lower town (Baixa).

Caldas da Rainha (23 km): a pleasant city with nice shops and terraces. Every morning there is a typical Portuguese fruit and vegetable market.

Berlenga Isles (53 km): an exceptional marine reserve, classified  by the Council of Europe as a biosphere reserve. You can visit the archipelago by boat from the port of the city of Peniche. The trip to the island takes about 30 minutes.